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Di Log Electrical Lockout Kit 4

Di Log Electrical Lockout Kit 4
Brand: Di-log
Product Code: DIL DLLOC4*
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inc. VAT: £78.00

The DLLOC4 17th Edition Expert Lockout kit is designed to give you the ability to safely Lockout almost any circuit within any existing or new domestic or medium to large commercial premisses.

The Professional Kit offers you a fully insulated hasp and padlock, in the event or situation you are locking off in close proximity to live conductive material, such a buzz bars or high voltage areas.

The kit gives you a lot more scope on comparison the the Professional Kit, no matter how old the installation. The kit comes supplied with a fully insulated padlock and hasp, an array of lockout devices and several tags for multiple circuit isolation, all nicely packaged in one of our carry pouches.

With the latest amendment to the 17th Edition Guidance Note 2 – Amendment 3, lock off devices and “Safe Isolation” procedures are being enforced across the UK by all monitoring bodies.

Kit Includes:

  • DL8102 - NON-Conductive 38mm Safety Padlock
  • DL8103 - NON-Conductive Lockout Hasp 1"
  • DL8105 - Universal MCB Lockout Device (Aluminium)
  • DL8106 - MCB Pins-Out (Standard) Lockout Device
  • DL8107 - MCB Thumbscrew Type Lockout Device
  • DL8108 - Circuit Breaker 'No-hole' Lockout Device
  • DL8109 - MCB Pins-In Lockout Device
  • DL8110 - MCB Pins-Out (Wide) Lockout Device
  • DL8111 - Tie-Bar Lockout Device
  • DL8112 - Universal MCB Lockout Device Plastic Medium Yellow
  • DL8113 - Universal MCB Lockout Device Plastic Large Blue
  • DL8130 - Lockout Tag x 5
  • DL8131 - Wipeable Marking Pen to identify your tags
  • CP1190 - Lockout Carry Pouch
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