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KIT 1 Premier 32 Zone Wireless Kit c/w RKP

KIT 1 Premier 32 Zone Wireless Kit c/w RKP
Brand: Texecom
Product Code: TEX PW KIT1*
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inc. VAT: £210.00

Premier 32 Zone Wireless Kit

Texecom wireless kits are based on the Premier Elite 48 platform, offering up to 32 Ricochet enabled wireless zones. Compatible with the latest Premier Elite mobile apps and Premier Elite ComWiFi connectivity, each Premier Elite Wireless Kit provides scalability and design flexibility.

Texecom has replaced the Premier Elite LCDLP with the new wireless keypad, the Premier Elite LCDLP-W. The Premier Elite LCDLP-W is a fully functional, fully programmable wireless keypad with identical performance and capabilities of wired Premier Elite keypads.
In addition, the Premier Elite Impaq Contact-W has been replaced with the Premier Elite Micro Contact-W. The Micro Contact-W is so small it can be concealed within most uPVC window frames, providing unobtrusive, discreet security.

Kit Contents

  • 1 x Premier Elite 48-W
  • 5 x Premier Proximity Tags
  • 1 x Premier LCDLP-W
  • 3 x Premier Compact PW-W
  • 1 x Premier Elite Micro Contact-W

Additional devices are available to customise your wireless intruder alarm system to suit your requirements.

Ricochet Mesh Technology allows your intruder alarm system size, scalability and range to be extended beyond a standard set up, as wireless signalling is no longer limited by point-to-point communications, as each device can communicate with the next one.

Ricochet Mesh Technology is more reliable, easier to use and provides greater range than any comparable wireless system.

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