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Wylex 100A Double Pole Isolater c/w Enclosure (REC2S)

Wylex 100A Double Pole Isolater c/w Enclosure (REC2S)
Brand: Wylex
Product Code: WYL REC2S
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Wylex 100A 2 Pole Isolator c/w Enclosure (REC2S)

In many regions of the UK REC Isolators have become a standard part of a domestic supply arrangement. These are often specified by the supply authority as a mandatory part of the installation hence they are becoming standard in the electrical contractors design. Using an REC Isolator makes life easier, safer and cheaper for the contractor and the supply authority

  • Supply authority isolator assembly
  • It’s easier because the job can be completed in one regardless of who goes to site first – supply authority or contractor
  • It’s safer because the supply tails are fixed and finalised in a sealed unit – instead of being left hanging loose ready to connect to the meter.
  • It’s safer because the two part cover can be sealed by the contractor and the supply authority preventing unauthorised access.
  • It’s safer because unlike terminal blocks these Wylex REC switches are specifically designed for each application- this is aimed at preventing interference or additional tap offs.
  • Saves time and money because there are no expensive return visits to site (for either the contractor or the supply authority) to make the final test and connection
  • Dimensions
    • Height: 150mm
    • Width: 63mm
    • Depth: 79mm
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