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Earth Clamps
Earth Clamps

Earth Bonding Clamp 12-32mm
Earth Bonding Clamp Dry 12-32mm (EC14) The EC14 is a 12-32mm X 135mm Earth Clamp suitable for ..
inc. VAT: £0.89
Earth Bonding Clamp 12-32mm DAMP (Blue)
Earth Bonding Clamp Damp 12-32mm (EC15) The EC16 is a 12 - 32mm x 135mm Earth Clamp suitable ..
inc. VAT: £1.07
Earth Bonding Clamp 32-50mm
Earth Bonding Clamp Dry 32-50mm (EC15/2) The EC14 is a 32-50mm X 250mm Earth Clamp suitable fo..
inc. VAT: £1,216.80
Earth Bonding Clamp-Damp 32-50mm DAMP (Blue)
Earth Bonding Clamp Damp 32-50mm (EC15) The EC16 is a 32 - 50mm x 250mm Earth Clamp suit..
inc. VAT: £1.68
Speedy (Radiator) Earth Clamp
Radiator Earth Clamp This unique and highly versatile clamp set is being specified as a means of so..
inc. VAT: £1.39
Earth Block 4 Way DP
Earth Block 4 Way..
inc. VAT: £2.16
Earth Block 8 Way DP
Earth Block 8 Way..
inc. VAT: £3.76
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