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Multimeters & Clamp Meters

Brand: Di-log Model: DIL DL114
Di Log Compact Digital Multimeter (DL114) A mini multimeter with a high contrast 4000 count LCD display. Includes non contact voltage detection and torch. Features Non contact voltage detector AC & DC voltage up to 600V AC & DC current up to 200mA Resistnce up to 20MO Diod..
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Brand: Di-log Model: DIL DL6402
Di Log 1000A AC/DC Clamp Meter (DL6402) With inclusion of DC current temperature & capacitance readings, this clamp meter is the ideal all purpose instrument. The slim design combined with the tear shaped jaw makes it an ideal unit for use in crowded panels and tight spaces. The data hold a..
Ex Tax:£83.75
Brand: Di-log Model: DIL DL7203
Di Log Lamp Tester (DL7203) The DL7203 is a handy test instrument for swift fault finding in all gasfilled low pressure and high pressure discharge lamps and fluorescent tubes. The DL7203 safely tests fluorescent lamps, the test is carried out without disassembling the lamp from the fitting which..
Ex Tax:£38.75
Brand: Di-log Model: DIL DL6505
Di Log 200A AC Mini Clamp Meter (DL6505) A compact clamp meter for use where access to cables is a problem. This instrument fits neatly in the hand and with a clamp opening of 18 mm it is ideal for those instances where it is hard to reach cables. A range of 10 mA to 200 A AC means the small size..
Ex Tax:£60.00
Brand: Di-log Model: DIL DL6518
DL6518 is an AC Leakage Clampmeter providing an accurate measurement of earth leakage down to a resolution of 100 uA (0.1mA). The very low resolution will enable the likelyhood of nuisance tripping caused by faulty appliances or circuit faults resulting in current leakage to earth, tripping the RCD ..
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Brand: Di-log Model: DIL DL9204
Di Log Compact Manual Ranging Digital Multimeter Compact manual ranging digital multimeter with 2000 count LCD display. Full protection on all ranges, safety category to CAT 111 600 V. Functions include battery and diode test. Features Full range protection Auto power off Large 2000 cou..
Ex Tax:£30.00
Brand: Di-log Model: DIL DL9206
Di Log Compact Auto Ranging Digital Multimeter   Compact auto ranging digital multimeter with 6000 count LCD display. Full protection on all ranges, safety category to CAT 111 600 V. The high contrast 6000 LCD complete with bar graph provides a high level clear display of measured values. ..
Ex Tax:£45.00
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